Brazil’s BLANDO Capped Off 2023 With Three Consecutive Remixes

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Hanging out with us at the Hey Dude pop-up studio in Nexus Lounge Amsterdam, Brazilian DJ BLANDO talks about the thriving music in Florianópolis and teased a new remix sequence.

Enzo Dal Zotto is the creative force behind the BLANDO project. As a self-taught DJ and producer, he has emerged as a prominent figure in the Southern Dance Music scene, gaining particular recognition in Florianópolis. Recently, he made waves by not only contributing to the vibrant music culture but also orchestrating an event that left a significant impact on the enchanting Island of Magic.


The Brazilian DJ embarked on his musical journey at 11. By age 12, he was rocking the decks at beach clubs in Jurerê Internacional, notably at the renowned Taikô Beach Club, where his prodigious talent took center stage. At 14, he ventured into music production, crafting his own beats, and secured a residency with the prestigious Pacha group.

Blessed with innate talent and a meticulous approach to studio work, his music has soared past the impressive milestone of 13 million streams on Spotify. Having inked deals with major labels like Spinnin’ Records, Smash Deep, Black Lizard Records, Warner Music, and HUB Records, his tracks have garnered support from acclaimed DJs worldwide. His keen attention to detail and creative flair have genuinely set him on a trajectory toward global recognition.


In 2022, BLANDO further established himself as one of the most promising artists in the electronic music scene with a noteworthy performance at the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), a globally renowned electronic music gathering.

The following year, BLANDO returned to ADE and teased new releases. In December 2023, he delighted fans with three exciting remixes: “Pilantra” by Jao and Anitta, “Riverside” by Sydney Samsom, and, rounding off the sequence, “Calling” by Alesso and Sebastian.

As part of our Nexus Take-5 series, BLANDO graciously answered questions about live performances and sources of inspiration in life. Interestingly, he revealed that if he could adopt anyone’s hair, it would be Bob Sinclair’s. He also disclosed his preference to step into George Clooney’s shoes for a day.

To learn more about BLANDO, including the weirdest thing he has ever eaten, listen to our full interview below!


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