Breaking Down Walls with Manuel Riva

Get to the “real message underneath that comes from deep inside,” urges producer/DJ Manuel Riva.  The Romanian producer is leading an “Alt revolution” to bring meaning to his for everyone d to experience.

 The Romanian pop sound was all the rage just a few years ago, as the record label Roton brought the of Inna, Edward Maya, and to the world.   It’s kind of ironic that Manuel has enlisted Alexandra for his upcoming single “Miami.”  The song isn’t about “Miami as a city, but about freedom, some place that gives you a vibe.”  “People will get the feeling that is about them.” 

People identifying with the is also the reason why he covers his face.  It’s a “way to tell people that this is not about me, it could be anybody else.”  There is a deeper message to be found in the and lyrics.

Interviewing Manuel was a highlight of the Amsterdam Dance Event, as we spoke about everything from “breaking down the wall” and the meaning of his tweets about Linkin Park to his love of black coffee and his mom’s pies.

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