Bright Lights: It Would Be Nice to Freeze Time

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Bright Lights joined us in the G-shock popup studio at Nexus Lounge Amsterdam where we talked about her new-found laid-back lifestyle, her upcoming album, and why she’s ditching the collabs in favor of solo tracks.

A DJ, record producer, and singer-songwriter, suffice it to say that Bright Lights has all the talent she needs to make some outstanding music, and what’s more, she knows it. After years of collaborating with other artists, she’s now decided to take creative control over her next project in a significant way.

"I think it's really important to know who an artist is on their own through and through. I never really got that opportunity because I was always collaborating with other people. So this upcoming album is really special and important for me because it's the first time that I'm standing on my own as a producer, as an artist, as a singer. As everything."

And if you’re curious about how that upcoming full solo project will sound, then you ,can immediately go as Bright Lights has already dropped not one but two tracks from next year’s coming album. “Diamonds” and “Cruel Intentions” are just two of five planned singles, culminating in an album release in March 2024.

Bright Lights

Not that she’s been letting the increased workload get to her.
Quite the contrary, as she says, she’s been focusing more on developing a relaxed and healthy balance. Despite her successful career and many collaborations, ADE 2023 was Bright Lights’ first experience of the festival as well as Amsterdam more broadly. She was in a mood to enjoy the fantastic atmosphere by the sound of it.

And that’s not her only chance to appreciate how far she’s come. In particular, she says she’s been enjoying the opportunity to work on projects that feel meaningful to her rather than those she might otherwise be obliged to work on.

"I wish I could stop the time in the perfect moments. I think a lot of times when we have some success, a milestone in our life or career, we always are looking to the next thing like, well, what am I doing next? What's the next goal? I like to celebrate those moments. I like to take time for that. And it would be nice to freeze time during those moments to really have a little bit more time to savor."

If you’d like to learn more about Bright Lights, her most embarrassing on stage moment and her thoughts on some of the amazing artists she’s worked with in the past, then why not go ahead and check out the full, exclusive Nexus Radio interview.

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