Sometimes less planning can be the best planning.  Rising trio Bro Code got signed to by being in the “right place at the right time.”  They were giving out thumb drives in and one ended up in the hands of Robbie Rivera, who called them the following week to sign them.

That kind of kismet also describes how Bro Code originally formed.  They met at a gig and realized they were wearing basically the same outfit and ended up in the studio together.  They clicked so well together that they see themselves “doing this for the long haul.”

Though the name Bro Code came as a fluke, it fits the current naming conventions for trios.  They joke about teaming up with Bro Safari, Bro Hug, and Cheat Codes. “Brohugsafaricodes – the blogs would go nuts.”

Bro Code are excited about the future yet enjoy every moment.  Fueled by Starbucks Cold Brew, we get them to talk about their love of salmon, idolization of the Cookie Monster, and their secret to 16-pack abs.  

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