Brooks Opens Up About Intense Touring Life

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Brooks joined during the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam at the Amsterdam Dance Event. In the interview, we discuss his performance of his latest song at the ADE, his touring life, and how to adjust to a busy lifestyle.

From his humble beginnings in 2013 with his remix of DJ Antoine and Mad Mark’s “Crazy World,” Brooks is now known as one of electronic music’s most talented and dedicated DJs. His determination resulted in worldwide success. One of his most impressive collaborations is the global hit “Like I Do,” which Dutch produced alongside electronic music titans David Guetta and Martin Garrix.


As a native of the country, he gives some pointers on the best spots in Amsterdam. “I think [my] favorite restaurant is Duchess, has to be. My girlfriend loves it even more, so that’s probably why we go there so much. We went to Sumo last night with some friends; there are cool spots.”

A worldwide success, however, can come with some steep learning curves. Dutch explains that adjusting to a celebrity lifestyle with hectic touring and media commitments can be challenging. When asked about maintaining a positive mental attitude, he opens up about his first experiences with touring:

“I think what I messed up on when I first started touring is [that] everything’s super exciting and you have to still have to figure out for yourself what the limit is. The first couple years of touring when it all blew up… flight after flight after show after show, and I barely saw my friends and family.”

“Now, I could still do that for like a week or something, but I’ve told myself and my management [that] if we do stuff like that again, I need at least one or two days before and after to recover.”

Brooks gives us an insight into his musical history by changing pace to lighter topics. In lieu of attending college, the Dutch artist decided to drop out to pursue a career in music. “My mind was all over the place. I was not with chemistry and math and stuff”, he explains. Despite Brooks mentioning that his parents did not approve, his present-day success is inarguable.

As he progressed through the Take-5 questions, Brooks added more insight into his musical influences. His first MP3 download was either Armin Van Buuren or Tiesto, both of which are bastions of the trance music genre.

On a more controversial topic, when asked if Superman or Batman would win in a fight, Brooks declared Superman the victor. “I’ve never really liked Batman”, he says. “I’ve always felt like he was too cocky… he dresses up and he’s rich. That’s basically what he’s doing.”

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