Budding Duo RYU & DANTE Rapidly Makes Their Way to the Heart of the Music Industry

DJ RYU of the Balkan combo RYU & DANTE stopped by our pop-up studio for the Greats Brooklyn at the Nexus Lounge in Miami. He shared their first-time experience at Miami Music Week, participated in our Nexus Take-5 series, and hinted at new projects with the promise of at least “10 releases this year.”

The Balkan duo RYU & DANTE make waves with their original sound and sharp drops. They connected because they had a drive to make it in the industry and a desire to share the insanity of their sound. Initially, the two were working on music independently; while Ryu focused on ghost productions, Dante explored. “We were partying together for a couple of years. And then just one day, you know, “let’s try and do something,” and 365 days later, we’re in Miami,” the DJ said, thinking back.

Ryu & Dante

Even though this is RYU & DANTE’s first MMW, they’ve already had a great time making connections and hanging out with some of their idols at the event. “Just networking with people with the same views, you know, a lot of the same stuff you do. And the city’s energy is ridiculous; that’s what I’m doing the most right now.”

RYU told us their little secret about donning their iconic red and white balaclavas. “We were thinking long term. So at one point, we hope to make it big. But people also like mysterious stuff; they like when they do not know something. So we were playing with that aspect of the human psyche.” The pair take their branding seriously, as it is one of the most crucial aspects of success in the music industry.

RYU & DANTE have laid the groundwork for their future success, with the brand up and running and some recognition under their belts. Now they are more than ready for the big things coming their way. “The idea is to get signed to our dream labels, to get up there with the big boys in the big league. So that’s what we will do for the next 365 days.” Hopefully, we get to see this talented duo on Mainstages soon!

With their music reaching far and wide, RYU & DANTE are no strangers touring and eating all the exotic food they come across. RYU revealed that one of the weirdest things he has ever eaten was an Asian snack. “You have chips here with chili and blah blah, blah. And there you have jellyfish.” RYU likes seafood, but not as a snack flavor.

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