BXNNY on New Single “Blurry Lines” and Miami Music Week

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We caught up with the talented up-and-coming DJ BXNNY in the Philips Bungalow at our Nexus Radio Lounge during Miami Music Week 2024. The DJ, known for her seductive beats and a staple of Miami nightlife, shared about her upcoming projects and played a quick game of our signature Nexus Take 5 series.

Despite a broken leg during our interview, BXNNY is truly an unstoppable force on the Miami music scene. Her sound is characterized by driving house music, beautiful melodic Middle Eastern and African tribal sounds, and hypnotizing vocals. Influenced by Miami’s iconic nightlife, BXNNY has the ability to create intoxicating atmospheres by merging diverse musical influences using her technical skills on CDJ’s.


Her music is seductive, sexy, and feminine, and she is never afraid of going too deep. Her main focus is to hypnotize listeners with music from around the world. BXNNY grew up listening to various types of music inspired by Latin, African, Middle Eastern, and European cultures, all of which became infused with her own love for Afro beats, EDM, and house music.

BXNNY has appeared in countless music videos and has toured in Dubai, Australia, Spain, and Morocco. Most recently, BXNNY made history with Balqees, another top female artist from Dubai, as the first two females to ever perform together on stage in the Middle East. 

BXNNY has tons of projects in the pipeline. Recently, she released two exciting new tracks: “Blurry Lines,” featuring the talented Valmar and released through Leandro Da Silva’s Black Lizard Records, and the Middle Eastern-influenced “Sunset in Komodo,” featuring Cafe de Anatolia.

Getting into our interview, we ask BXNNY to share some of her feelings about being back at the iconic Miami Music Week. “It’s exciting. I love seeing different DJs and different talents,” the DJ says, adding: “It’s nice that we get to come together and hear each other’s music.”

Joining us for a quick game of our Nexus Take 5 series, BXNNY helps us get to know her a little better by answering a series of questions that range from funny or serious to just plain odd. She tells us that her favorite soundtrack is Lord of the Rings and that she’s really passionate about anything sports or travel-related. She also shares what kind of animal she’d be, though the answer might be hidden in plain sight. 

To learn more about BXNNY, her time in Miami, and her incredible musical projects, make sure to check out the exclusive and full-length interview below. And, as always, make sure to follow us on Instagram @nexusradiodance for more exclusive interviews with dance music’s biggest artists. 

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