C-Fast: Impressive Rise In A Short Time Frame

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C-Fast joined us at the BPM Music popup studio at the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam. In our talk at this year’s ADE, we talked to C-FAST about preparing for sets, how they got their inspiration, and how it all began.
The Italian-American duo C-FAST has been on a swift trajectory up the ranks since their initial burst into the spotlight in 2016. Since then, some of the most iconic DJs in the electronic music arena have supported them, such as Tiesto, David Guetta, and Martin Garrix. In October this year, they unleashed an infectious remix of the Mortal Kombat soundtrack to celebrate the iconic video game’s 30th anniversary.
Their #142 position in the Top 150 Dj Mag 2022 list only furthers their impressive reach in a relatively short time in the music industry.
The duo waste no time in describing how they get inspired to create their music:

“One of the things that we do is listen to all kinds of music. From everything… you’ll be surprised, but we also listen to country. We listen to everything that can move and make people dance on their way. So we get influenced by that, inspirations, and then we create our songs, our own tracks.”

It’s no wonder their success is showing impressive results. Their 10-year lifespan thus far happened by sheer coincidence, which led to worldwide success. “We met in Tuscany, Italy,” they say. “We started talking, and we said, ‘You know what? Let’s get together. Let’s create a duo’. And then little by little, we came up with the idea of the masks…everything started by chance.”

Part of the reason C-FAST have become successful in recent years is due to their commitment to understanding how to change sets around based on location. As a result, they had some terrific insights into set preparation. “We just do extensive research on what could work in that specific event… a lot of listening to music and trying to find something that probably people [have] never heard; something different, so you bring something new to the crowd.”

As part of our Take-5 series, the duo expressed their desire to change their daily routines. “We’re trying to be healthier, especially when we’re on the road”, they say. However, they also note that the worst decision they made in the last 24 hours was staying out late until around 4 am, the night before this interview.
In true DJ style, finding someone who didn’t do exactly that at this year’s ADE would be more of a rarity.
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