C-Fast Unveils New Musical Direction and Personal Journey in Exclusive Interview

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Behind a profusion of green LED lights lies C-Fast, an extraordinary duo of Italian-American producer DJs, ranked #145 in the Top 150 DJ Mag 2021 and #142 in the Top 150 DJ Mag 2022. Known for their electrifying performances and innovative tracks, C-Fast has made waves across the globe from Miami to Amsterdam and beyond. Their “C-Fast World” radio show, broadcast exclusively on Miami’s Revolution 93.5 FM, has garnered them a dedicated fanbase. Recently, C-Fast sat down for an exclusive interview with Manny Van Dahl from Nexus Radio at the AOC Space.

During the interview, C-Fast shared their experiences from Miami Music Week, offering a glimpse into the vibrant atmosphere and their interactions with fans and fellow artists. They delved into their transition from a duo to a solo act, exploring the challenges and creative freedom that came with it. This shift has allowed them to experiment with a new musical direction, blending future rave with R&B, a fusion that promises to captivate listeners with its unique sound.


C-Fast also revealed insights into their recent projects and upcoming releases, including a much-anticipated future rave R&B track. Their discussion touched upon musical influences and how these have shaped their style both on and off the stage. Personal anecdotes added a rich layer to the conversation, with C-Fast reflecting on their childhood, martial arts training, and experiences as a general manager for clubs and lounges. These elements have all contributed to their dynamic presence in the music scene.

“Music isn’t just what we do; it’s who we are,” C-Fast passionately stated, emphasizing the deep connection between their music and lifestyle. This interview not only showcased their professional achievements but also provided a window into the personal journey that has shaped their career.

For fans eager to dive deeper into C-Fast’s world and hear the full interview, it’s a must-listen. Don’t miss out on the exclusive stories and exciting revelations from one of the most innovative acts in electronic dance music today. Tune in to the full interview and experience the energy and passion of C-Fast firsthand.

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