CADMIUM: Living the Dream in Electronic Music

Alex Clark, better known as CADMIUM, is one of the rising stars in electronic music. In an interview at Nexus Lounge Miami, the artist revealed that he’s currently living the best phase of his life and also shared his plans for 2023.

The musician gained popularity in 2017 with the track ‘Daily’. In less than a year, he signed releases with NCS (No Copyright Sounds), one of YouTube’s most influential music channels, and became one of their most popular artists.

"After serving for 11 years on active duty in the Air Force, this is my dream job. I'm living the dream. I live in Tampa, Florida. I have the house of my dreams. The car, the wife of my dreams. I'm living a dream life", he says.


With a powerful sound, CADMIUM has almost 1.2 million monthly listeners on Spotify, and the numbers are only growing with fans worldwide. When asked how the DJ stays motivated, the producer explained that he keeps his goals clearly in sight.

"I see the crowd in front of me in front of my eyes as I'm sitting there on the screen. (...) I don't give up because I look at the analytics. It's not about the analytics. Nothing about that is about the dream right now. I was doing my military life a whole lot before this. And I am right now living my dream job. Because I stuck with it."

His most recent single was ‘Gold,’ a collaboration with Robbie Rosen. Other tracks that stand out with thousands of streams on the platform are: ‘No Friends’ in collaboration with Rosendale, ‘Willow Tree’ with Rival and Rosendale, and ‘Seasons’ featuring Rival and Harley Bird.

CADMIUM is working on his debut album, ‘Elemental,’ which will be released on October 13th. According to a post by the DJ on Instagram, the album will have 10 tracks, and the first single, ‘Fly Again,’ will be released on May 19th.

His performances are known for their energy and excitement. He has opened for some of the biggest names in the genre, such as Said The Sky and Borgore.

When asked about how he strives to maintain that sense of happiness, CADMIUM said he focuses on his professional and personal goals.

"Being a well-renowned DJ producer and progressing. That's an intrinsic value I have that I try to go on every day. If you want to talk about my day to day outside of music and work, spend time with my family, my wife, and my dogs, basically my children."

Listen to the full interview with CADMIUM below to learn more about his upcoming album and career curiosities, such as the first track he ever downloaded.

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