Carly Wilford: Ruling the Rhythm in a Man’s World with Music and Authe

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 We hit the jackpot with the abundance of kick-ass women rocking the music scene, and our special guest at ADE is no exception! Carly Wilford, the ultimate combo of DJ extraordinaire, top-notch producer, and an all-around fascinating human being, dropped by our KEF popup studio at the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam. She spilled the beans on upcoming bangers and even joined the fun in our Take 5 series!

During the lockdown, Carly Wilford dove into the world of music production, and in no time, she emerged as one of the most exciting newcomers in the dance music scene. Making her debut on Toolroom with the electrifying house track “Generation X,” Carly has continued to impress, consistently dropping a series of releases that showcase her talent with undeniable flair.

Carly Wilford

 Unsurprisingly, Carly Wilford became a music maven with a keen sense of the industry, drawing from her diverse experiences in various realms. From her roots in radio broadcasting to steering her own meditation and well-

"It's funny because I started as a presenter, then became a DJ and music producer. So I've been here [ADE] in different guises. And now, I'm playing gigs this year, which is so cool."

The latest from Carly finds her debuting on remixes with “Give You Up,” out on November 24 via Adesso Music. And she’s not hitting the brakes after just one remix. In her own words, “I’m about to release my remix that comes out in January. I’ve got a tune coming out and then a song on Armada, which is very cool. So yeah, they’re the labels that I work with closely. Apart from that, I’m busy in the studio working on those,” the DJ teased.

Earlier this year, Carly Wilford secured her spot among the 2023 Top 101 Producers globally, as unveiled by 1001Tracklists during this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event. This prestigious list honors artists who have played a crucial role in shaping the sonic landscape of the electronic music scene over the past year. Enjoying substantial support from Radio 1, Carly kicked off the Dance Stage at the recent Radio 1 Big Weekend in Dundee and graced the BBC Radio 1 Dance stage at the iconic Glastonbury festival.

But Carly’s journey hasn’t been a walk in the park, navigating the challenges of a male-dominated industry and confronting her own battles. When asked when she last had a good cry, she answered, “I always love a good cry. I’m quite good with happy tears. But also, I’m alright with crying. I think you need to. Sometimes, it makes you feel like a good release. [So], probably last week.” Despite the hurdles, her unwavering determination and compassionate spirit have elevated her to a position where she’s become an inspiration for thousands.

To learn more about Carly Wilford, including her thoughts about how the industry will look in 10 years, listen to our full interview below!

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