Catalina Cara: The Free-Spirited Emerging Artist


Catalina Cara: The Free-Spirited Emerging Artist


Catalina Cara

In the music industry, self-expression is everything. Music shapes our identity and helps us express our true selves. However, our featured artist today takes self-expression to the next level. Catalina Cara is a seeker and an explorer, and her music reflects her growth at every stage of her becoming.
Catalina was born on February 29th in Chisinau, Moldova, hence her debut EP’s name, “Leap Year Baby.” She embodies the essence of a leapling, which flawlessly translates into her sound: an intuitive artist with a seductive sense of innocence, whose love for expression is timeless. That is why she gave us a peek into her world with “When You Give Me Love,” the first taste of her forthcoming EP, which drops on February 28th.
Released on January 21st in collaboration with Yin Creatif, “When You Give Me Love” presents a hopeful landscape for the listener to glide into an indie-pop dream mixed with jazz and futuristic soul sonics. It also represents a turning point in her personal and artistic development. She is dedicated to the creative process, penning most of her songs and producing.
Her music, which has a soft indie-pop sound, comes from a studio in the middle of a forest. It allows the listener to freely traverse through profound emotions and dream states, searching for youth’s beauty and love’s emancipation.
In a trance to learn more about Catalina Cara? Curious to know what she thinks about robots making music? Or what double standard does she think needs to end? Stay rooted in your seats and read on!

Q: Before we dig in, what's next for you?

I have just launched “When you give me love,” which is the first song from my upcoming EP, “Leap year baby,” that will be out on February,28 and I am really excited about that and so looking forward to everyone’s feedback. My team and I have been working on it for over a year, and I am very grateful for everyone’s support and input on this project. I need to create alongside people with good energy who understand me and what I want to bring out to the public. I couldn’t be more thankful and happy to work and write music alongside the guys from Yin Creatif, and I couldn’t have done it without them either. You can be perfect and talented and have a great voice and song, but if you don’t find the right producer who feels you and your vibe, then it will all go in vain.

Q: Why did you choose to make dance music?

It is indie-pop music with a dance influence. I wasn’t thinking about choosing a particular style; it all came very naturally. My music mirrors my inside world, and it was essential that the producer and I were on the same line here and had the same vibe and could work perfectly together. As I look back now, I believe that the studio where we worked had a significant influence on the music we created and how I styled my voice to sound since it is located right in the middle of a forest. We had loads of natural daylight, which is very important to me. Dark, underground studious doesn’t make me feel very productive, primarily if I work at nighttime, and I know that loads of artists, especially producers, prefer working at night. Still, I guess I had the perfect match here, haha. I always loved being as close as possible to nature, and taking short breaks from writing to go for a walk in the forest, listen to the birds, breath in the fresh smell of the grass and trees was the absolute best therapy for my mind and soul, especially after an extended lockdown. The perfect setup to let the flow of inspiration take over you. Oh, and there was an alley where I could enjoy the sunsets every night. I’m such a sunset girl, you know … 🤍


For me, lyrics are as important as the song’s melody. It gives you insights into the artists’ stories and feelings. I write about my own experiences, and lyrics help me transmit those memories and images I have in my mind and want the listener to imagine. Lyrics, same as music, can make you see things, visualize or even feel and smell them. It allows you to discover more about the style of the artist. Is the artist a dreamer? Is the artist a bitter person? Is the artist a hopeless romantic, maybe…? There is so much to discover through lyrics!

Q: What do you think of Robots making music?

If it’s called music, it should come from the heart. Robots don’t have it! And why would we want robots to create music for us in the first place? Being an artist is not a job or burden that you’d like someone else to do for you… it’s the expression of one’s inside world and imagination, and what is it then not art? I don’t know who’d want to trust art to a robot unless their hearts are empty too.

Q: What's something everyone should experience at least once in their life?

True love. This is probably the only thing that includes all the feelings and emotions, both spiritually and physically. It is the most sophisticated, beautiful, and sad state we can experience. Yet, in the end, the most amazing things were created when inspired by true love.

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Catalina Cara

Q: Do you ever sing while taking a shower or having a bath? Why is this popular? Do you sing in tune?

I can’t remember myself being one of those who like to sing while showering. Instead, I want to think that bathing and showering are some rituals where I wash out all my negative thoughts and relax…in silence.

Q: What was the weirdest habit you had as a child?

I started patting and pressing my pillow after my parents decided it was time for me to stop using the pacifier. Of course, it had to be a feather pillow; otherwise, I wouldn’t fall asleep, haha. My mom always used to make jokes that I’ll become an adult, and she’ll still going to hear me patting the pillow…well, here we are now… still doing it.

Q: What invention would advance humanity the most if you could go back in time and inspire someone to make a present-day invention?

It would be electricity. Loads of other significant inventions started from there, so just imagine for a second if, say, 5000 years ago we’d have electricity, how different the world would be. Even though, sometimes I think we’re happier with more simple things and more advanced humanity wouldn’t mean a happier one. Happiness should be what truly matters.

Q: Can You Dream Of Having A Dream?

If you only dream of having a dream, you’re probably the saddest person on earth… Everyone should have dreams. We should allow ourselves sometimes to visit that inner child who indeed has some big dreams!

Q: What double standard is ridiculous and needs to be ended?

There are so many… The first thing that came to my mind is human hypocrisy … when people are talking and promoting tolerance, kindness to each other, and open mindedness but on the other hand, disconsidering and shaming different categories of people who they don’t resonate with (ex, people’s faith or religion). This promotes hate, which is the opposite of tolerance, kindness, or acceptance.

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