The Chainsmokers and Sony Create Virtual Reality Music Festival

The Chainsmokers and Sony Create Virtual Reality Music Festival

Over the past few years, The Chainsmokers have rapidly become two of the industry’s biggest superstars. The duo of Drew Taggart and Alex Pall has never shied away from expanding their music styles and horizons. Recently Sony Music has teamed up with The Chainsmokers to bring a new virtual reality experience to music lovers. This experience, titled “Lost in Music,” uses PlayStation® VR technology to introduce a series of fully immersive events for users.

Technology companies and music/audio companies have been putting their heads together since quite a while and creating things like vests that make you feel bass from your headphones and 360 degree videos of festivals. Now Sony Music, one of the music staples has taken the virtual music festival experience to a whole new realm. Teaming up with The Chainsmokers, Sony Music has unveiled a new virtual reality music festival experience.

Using Sony VR headsets, users are able to experience performances by their favorite artists. Sony Music has created the first event of the kind, named “The Beginning”, featuring The Chainsmokers, Lost Kings and Vanic. The event took place inside a specially designed room filled with snow. When the participants use the VR headsets, they are instantly treated to the terrific world of music.

‘The Beginning’ launched VR into the limitless universe beyond just gaming, providing a respite from the ordinary in an amazing digital space that allowed guests to physically travel from the Winter season to the Summer one through technology. Upon arrival, guests stepped into a snowy forest clearing and were met with a chill as they began to explore the serene, enchanted forest. They followed the beautiful snow carved paths, complete with dancing, reflective northern lights and slow motion wildlife projections, to a Virtual Reality booth where they embarked on the second half of their journey via VR headsets.”

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