Hardly a week goes by without hot news brewing about The Chainsmokers in the music industry today. This time round it seems EDM top duo might finally be on the verge of unveiling their debut album to the world.

The Chainsmokers’ top hit of 2016, ‘Closer’ is still charting months after it’s release and now ‘Paris’ is sitting at the top of just about every pop chart we know. At this heady peak, the duo has taken to social media today to tease a major announcement tomorrow, and have been pretty upfront that it is in fact their freshman effort LP. While The Chainsmokers have previously made it vocal that the release of the album would ultimately be up to the demand from their fans, it looks like their latest social media post are going to heed to the wishes of their fans, and obviously some earlier unreleased music as well. Fingers crossed !!

Check out the tweets below that has absolutely everyone freaking out.