CHARMAINE Has Her Eyes Set on Her Goal to Dominate the Music Scene

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CHARMAINE brings the heat from the CalPak space at the Nexus Lounge Miami, giving us a sneak peek into what’s next in her vibrant music career while diving into the fun during our Take 5 series!

CHARMAINE is an electronic vocal powerhouse and melody maestro from sunny Los Angeles, CA. Her musical journey began strumming a guitar and serenading coffee shop crowds as a singer/songwriter. Soon, she catapulted into the pop universe, rocking festival stages with her dynamic anthems, captivating backup dancers, and stunning costumes. Eventually, she fell head over heels for EDM and has been crafting irresistible dance music vocals ever since.


CHARMAINE is steadily making her mark in the music industry, moving closer to her aspirations with every beat. She shares, “I think getting there to me means having everything as swift as possible, not losing anything, and just having everything together and not having to think about it.”

During our interview, we couldn’t resist asking CHARMAINE about her plans for the year ahead. She excitedly revealed, “Well, my near future plans are to release some new songs with some cool friends that I’ve been working with really hard this whole year. With my Lovely friend Vicky Leslie, who happens to be right there, we wrote and produced a tech house track. We won’t talk about the name, but we had Shiba-san play it last night, so that was pretty cool.”

CHARMAINE is hopeful about getting that tech house track signed. In the meantime, she’s collaborating with a Japanese DJ named Nori on a progressive track set to be released soon. Additionally, she has a few songs in the works this year with her brother and friend, Frank Nitti. It’s sure to be exciting times ahead for our artists and fans!

CHARMAINE’s passion extends beyond music to a deep desire to make the world a better place, particularly for our furry friends. “I will do this without you paying me: I train animals. I would go to animal shelters to help train animals so that they could be adopted.” For CHARMAINE, animals don’t choose their circumstances, so she believes in taking responsibility and doing her part to improve their lives. Her commitment to both music and compassion shines through in her actions.

To learn more about CHARMAINE, including her thoughts on how music change the way we dress and act, listen to our full interview below.

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