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Joining us at the AOC Space, in the Nexus Lounge, Miami Music Week 2024, we spoke with PLS&TY about his experiences at Miami Music Week, his upcoming projects, and what it really means to level up.

Born and raised in Florida, Tommy Leas’s style has always been characterized by his upbeat melodies. A master of the feel-good track, he’s an up-and-coming artist who always brings the party, and his fans are here for it.


Of course, they know him better by his stage name: PLS&TY. A play on his real name (with ‘Please’ derived from Leas and ‘TY’ being short for Tommy), the name PLS&TY represents the fun and playful soul of his energetic music, not to mention his friendly and wholesome persona.

Recently, PLS&TY has dedicated himself to his radio show, Proper Manners, for Insomniac Radio. With 10 episodes in the bank, he says he’s glad to be getting into double digits while having the chance to share some great tracks.

“It feels good to have a platform to do 60-minute mixes every two weeks and showcase some of my favorite artists or new music.”

On the day-to-day, PLS&TY has been deep into that hectic touring lifestyle. Spring break saw him traveling first to Mexico and then to Miami. He described the experience as fun but nonetheless stressed the importance of pacing yourself while on tour.

Of course, it’s not all about touring, either. In 2023 PLS&TY released his first full album Days, 2 Nights. Earlier this year, we were also treated to 3 Days, 2 Nights (The Remixes) but that’s far from all that’s in store for PLS&TY in 2024. While he couldn’t give us too much information, he said to stay tuned for “lots of new singles coming out almost every month” as well as plenty of shows.

Moving into our weird and wonderful Take5 questions, we wanted to dig in a little deeper on where PLS&TY draws his musical influence.

“Right now I’ve actually been loving guys like Antdot and Maz. These are amazing new up and coming Brazilian producers who are kind of putting a unique spin on Afro House, Melodic House. Yeah, it’s been amazing to watch their growth.”

Now, as an artist who’s on the up and up, one more thing we wanted to know was how PLS&TY feels about the phrase ‘leveling up’.

“As long as you’re having fun, doing what you love, and chasing your dreams, that’s leveling up. That’s all it is.”

If you’d like to learn more about PLS&TY, his musical process, his fashion choices, and his wildest story from on tour, then why not check out the full, exclusive, Nexus Radio interview? You can also follow his social media on Instagram for all the latest about his upcoming releases/concerts.

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