Christiano Jordano : Passion Before Money

Christiano Jordano joined us at the Nexus Radio red-carpet event presented by Big Joe® and BPM Supreme® for Miami Music Week/Winter Music Conference 2018.

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Christiano is an Italian-American Club DJ and music producer with success on the Billboard charts as well as dance radio.

Jordano talks about his new single “Angels in Tokyo,” a euphoric and emotional self-release track with minimal vocals. He also talks about his musical style which he describes as very ‘Anjuna beats’ and ‘Above & Beyond.’ However, when it comes to naming one of his favorite Italian DJs- he preferred the Italo-Disco vibes of Gigi D’Agostino.

Jordano had very inspiring advice to share with his 15-year-old self:

“Don’t worry about other people, focus on yourself. Try to figure out what you love to do and what really makes you passionate and actually go out and do that. Don’t go after money, go after something you’re passionate about that you can make a career out of, and just spend all your time doing that and everything will fall into place.”

In a heart-felt moment, Christiano shared that his mom is his number one supporter and a fundamental force in pushing him to pursue his dreams. We asked him who he would take with him on a trip around the world:

“I would have to say my mom because she is my number one fan, she’s my biggest supporter, and, man – I don’t get emotional, but she definitely pushes me to go after what I love to do no matter what.”

To find out what the official Christiano Jordano signature cologne would smell like, which DJ would DJ his wedding, and to hear a special message to his fans, click on the full audio interview below↓

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