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Christiano Jordano is On Fire.

producer and DJ Christiano Jordano comes from a very creative family.  “My father was going to be a fashion designer and my mom and brother are both talented hairstylists,” he says.  So it should come as no surprise that he would have gone into fashion design if he hadn’t pursued music. 

With releases on international music labels like  and ’s Juicy Music already under his belt, is a DJ on the rise.  In addition to his USB flash drive and headphones, he always travels with a Vicks Vapor Inhaler.  There’s about that “freshness in [his] nose,” that he likes.  

We suspect that freshness might help his creativity too.  In addition to creating insanely addictive tracks, he’s also working on his own clothing line and film production.  It’s no wonder his favorite emoji is the fireball, because Jordano’s career is on FIYAH!

This is Take5 with Christiano Jordano!

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