Christiano Jordano Is ‘On Fire’ In His Upcoming Single

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joined us at the BPM Supreme pop-up studio at the Lounge Miami. First, he filled us in on his 3-year break from full-time producing, in which he opened a new nightclub in Philadelphia, created a new alias, and relocated to Miami. Now, he’s kicking off his re-emergence into the -making world by attending Music Week 2022.
Jordano is a producer/DJ whose love for EDM spans his entire lifetime. He reports growing up listening to such as Armin Van Burren, Steve Angello, and Paul Oakenfold, to name a few, and has always felt a deep drive to top the charts alongside them. Having watched the evolution of EDM throughout his life, he now aspires to make with a blend of the trendier sounds we have today, and the more classic trance sounds he grew up listening to.
Christiano Jordano
Fans can expect an upcoming single from Christiano, titled ‘On Fire,’ which is set to drop soon, along with the handful of other projects he’s been working on lately. He is currently set on getting back into full force. He says that even though he has still been involved with music in some way through his Philadelphia nightclub, his break from creating music himself was the worst professional decision he has ever made.

When it comes to preparing a setlist, Christiano is very influenced by his surroundings. He takes input from what’s trending and adjusts based on the locale and the crowd of his performance. Still, he prefers to leave quite a bit of room for spontaneity. So we wonder what kind of sets he has in store now that he’s in Miami, surrounded by peers he hasn’t seen in years?

As for why is important, he shared that

"[Music] is a universal language that can get through a person no matter what they're feeling in that current moment, and it can change their mental state for the better."

You can catch him at his favorite local Cuban spot in Miami, which he says “[goes] crazy if you need a pick-me-up,” and in the future, perhaps, trying exotic-to-him street foods from around the world. Learn more about and hear all of his answers to our Take-5 questions in our full interview.

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