Classic Divas Terri B! and Dynelle Rhodes Unleash Musical Magic at the ADE 2023

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Timeless Divas Terri B! and The Weather Girls’ Dynelle Rhodes brought their sass and sparkles to the G-Shock pop-up studio during the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam. The two shared their upcoming projects and had tons o’ fun with our Take 5 series!

Terri B! is a powerhouse in the House Music scene, a name that resonates even with the newest enthusiasts. Positioned among the elite in the industry, she maintains an unwavering momentum. Beyond her chart-topping vocal prowess, Terri B! effortlessly takes on diverse roles as an MC, DJ, songwriter, remixer, and entrepreneurial force.

Terri B!

Terri B! has already teamed up with heavyweights such as Laidback Luke, Cazzette, Joey Negro, Roger Sanchez, Ralphi Rosario, John Dahlbäck, Henrik B, ATB, Bob Sinclar, Thomas Gold, DONS, DJ Antoine, and an array of other notable names. Terri B!’s vocals have graced Avicii’s remix boards not just once but twice, showcasing her versatility. Career highlights include securing three number-one singles on the US Billboard Club Songs charts, achieving top 100 radio hits in Spain and Italy with her band 2 Eivissa and the single ‘Oh La La La,’ amassing over 65 million streams on Spotify for her original track ‘Blind Heart’ with Swedish deejays Cazzette in 2015, and experiencing massive success in Russia with the 2010 hit ‘Heaven,’ garnering over 450,000 spins on pop radio. Terri B! has also claimed the #1 spot on Traxsource charts. Her journey is a testament to her widespread influence and enduring success.

The Weather Girls, comprising the dynamic duo Martha Wash and the late Izora Armstead, are renowned for their infectious tunes and powerful vocals that took the music scene by storm in the 1980s.

Although Dynelle Rhodes is a gifted singer, she wasn’t initially part of the original duo that delivered the iconic hit “It’s Raining Men.” Dynelle Rhodes teamed up with Martha Wash in the later years, notably after the original duo disbanded. Despite the changes, they continued to share the stage under the name The Weather Girls, with Martha Wash as the constant and enduring presence in the group.

Across a span of over a decade, Armstead and Rhodes collaboratively released three albums: “Double Tons of Fun” (1993), “Think Big!,” and “Puttin’ On the Hits” (1999). Tragically, in 2004, Armstead passed away due to heart failure, leading to the introduction of singer Ingrid Arthur in 2005. Following this change, the group released two albums, “Totally Wild!” (2005) and “The Woman I Am” (2009). Subsequently, Ingrid Arthur parted ways with the group, paving the way for singer Dorrey Lin Lyles to join in 2012.

Terri B! is excited as she shares fantastic news amid Grammy considerations. “I was deep in soul project, got nominated for the Grammy process, and we had nine number ones with that stuff. But at the same time, I’ve dropped the Spinnin’ Records with Mogwai. Then, I’m working with Dr. Space and other DJs with some really great Tech House records,” the diva playfully teased. She emphasized that she’s taking the reins, ensuring control over these records, and debunking the notion that securing the biggest deals on the planet is a prerequisite for a successful new house record.

Meanwhile, Dynelle Rhodes has a little surprise up her sleeve, teasing a forthcoming record produced by Rob Hart. “We’re in the final stages of mixing. Everybody, look out for it. It’s called “I’ll take you,” she hinted, creating anticipation for what promises to be an exciting addition to her musical repertoire.

With decades in the industry, Terri B! and Dynelle Rhodes have woven music into the fabric of their lives. When questioned about how music influences them, Terri B! responded, “It’s my blood. It’s my hair. It’s what I live with like you need s*x and all the other things. That’s how I need music.”

To learn more about Terri B! and Dynelle Rhodes, including their pet peeves, listen to our full interview below!

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