Classical Music Gets a Cool Twist: Vluarr Transforms Cello Sound Into EDM Bangers

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Dutch Artist Vluarr made his way to the G-Shock popup studio during Nexus Lounge Amsterdam to talk about his latest single and ADE experience. Plus, dive into his world a little deeper with our Take 5 series!

Raised in a household with parents who are skilled violin and double bass players, Vladimir Nicolaj de Groot was immersed in classical music from a young age. Mastering the cello by age 4, he grasped the language of musical notes even before delving into books. As a true prodigy, Vladimir began crafting and composing his music at a remarkably young age. However, his musical journey took an intriguing turn when he stumbled upon Electronic Dance Music, giving rise to the persona we now know as Vluarr.


Vluarr’s journey saw triumphs with notable releases on esteemed labels such as Monstercat and Barong Family, showcasing his continuous sonic refinement. Venturing through diverse genres, from Trap to Deep House, he honed his style into Melodic Bass House. What sets his music apart is incorporating his roots—the timeless cello. Personally played and recorded, the influence of the cello intertwines with his captivating electronic melodies.

The year 2022 signifies a fresh chapter for Vluarr as he unveils releases on STMPD Records and Spinnin’ Records, collaborating with luminaries such as Martin Garrix, Brooks, Mesto, and Seth Hills. With performances at iconic venues like Tomorrowland and Ushuaïa Ibiza, it’s evident that Vluarr is a rising star worth keeping a close eye on.

During the recent ADE 2023, Vluarr shared insights into his latest project, “By Myself,” a track with a special place in his heart. Released on November 10 through STMPD RCRDS, the reception has been overwhelmingly positive. Before this, he dropped “No More” in collaboration with GRX and Thomas Nan, also under the STMPD RCRDS banner. “The build-up for that song was so high. The hype around it was so sick to see, and then it came out three months ago, and the reaction to the music is so nice,” the DJ added.

When asked what historical period he would like to visit, Vluarr answered, "I think the time when classical music was big. I grew up in a classical music family and played the cello and stuff when I was younger. I really liked to listen to it. If I went back to that time, I could understand it more. A better feeling of the music and experience different than right now."

To learn more about Vluarr, including his most unexpected experience on stage, listen to our full interview below!

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