Colorado’s Nu-Age Funk Phenomenon: Take 5 With LVNDR.SOUND


Colorado’s Nu-Age Funk Phenomenon: Take 5 With LVNDR.SOUND


Last year, the Colorado-based band LVNDR.SOUND hit the music scene, and they’ve built up quite a following quickly. The brainchild of Sunsquabi’s Josh Fairman, the trio has developed a chilled-out sound that’s perfect for parties and clubs alike. Combining genres like electro-soul, future base, and nu-age funk, the band’s fresh style feels like what people are looking for in 2023.

But is a major mainstream success just around the corner? Considering their most recent release and some of the great projects they’ve got in the pipeline, quite possibly. Their debut album Lavender is a glorious soundscape combining everything that feels new and creative about this unique artist. From the laid-back sound of “Nightfall” to the profound energy of a track like “Talkin’ Bout It,” the album has both a vitality and a versatility that’s rare in a debut release, and fans are eager to see what comes next.

Not to mention the incredible collaborations with artists such as Break Science and Lettuce. The album features a thrilling blend of crafted sounds and improvised live sequences, bringing intense energy and one-of-a-kind vibes. They’ve got over 2000 monthly listeners on Spotify, and if they keep going the way they are, that’ll be 20,000 before they even know it!

To learn more about the artist, their upcoming projects, and what sets their music apart, keep reading for an exclusive Nexus Radio Take 5 Interview!

Q: Before we dig in, what's next for you?

We just released our debut Lavender LP and we’re already hard at work on a follow-up project set to be released summer of 2023! Our first single from that project drops Thursday, March 30 — there should be some shows coming soon too!

Q: What are your thoughts on the meaning of success, and how do you define success for yourself?

Success comes in many forms, not all forms of success are measurable or tangible. The most fulfilling moments are always in the journey. The act of reaching for greatness, and pushing our limitations is what defines success to me. There is not one destination that defines success; the pursuit alone of something great is what makes one successful.

Q: What's the most ridiculous thing you've ever bought?

Geoff: “I bought a Slip N’ Slide back in college… to use in Boston, at age 22.”

Jay.Greens: “Probably my tour bus… it’s a 2010 Ford E450 shuttle bus that I ripped the seats out of and converted into a tour bus with a friend of mine. It’s ridiculous.”

Q: What sets your music apart from others in the dance music genre?

We incorporate live instrumentation and samples of ourselves playing live in a unique way that adds a vintage aesthetic to our modern dance-oriented sound.

Q: If you could travel back in time to any moment in history, where and when would you go?

Hitchhiking across the West Coast of the US in 1972. Ski towns in the winter and surf towns in the summer. Would have loved to have been a part of the LA studio scene back then too, to work with some of the artists of that era or even see them play live would be cool, and to work in all those legendary studios.


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Q: What place have you always wanted to visit but haven't had the chance to yet?

Geoff and I (Jay.Greens) would both like to go to Iceland… Josh goes there all the time to work at this awesome studio, so maybe he will take us one day. I don’t know where he hasn’t been.

Q: What is your philosophy on happiness, and how do you strive to maintain a sense of happiness and well-being in your life?

“Well there are three of us, and I think we all have fairly different philosophies on happiness and well-being in life, but for me personally, I think just finding a way to do what you love, with people you love, and to reach for greatness in everything you do, every day… that’s happiness to me”. -Jay.Greens

Q: How do you see dance music evolving in the future?

Incorporating the use of more live instrumentation in combination with electronic production, increased the popularity of combining analog synthesis and recording/mixing/processing techniques with digital synthesis, and digital recording/mixing/processing. Also in live performances, potentially the use of more augmented reality/virtual reality technology to enhance the visual aspect of the live concert experience. I think immersive art experiences are only going to get more popular and more realistic and will become a huge part of dance music culture.

Q: If you had to be stuck in an elevator with one person for 24 hours, which dance artist would you want it to be?

Geoff: “For me personally, I’d love to be with Flume to learn how he helped pioneer an entire subgenre of EDM and listen to some artists that have inspired him over the years. He’s been able to create a balance between unique sound design and popular intrigue, and understanding his creative process would be very helpful to my artistry.”

Q: What's the weirdest thing you've ever Googled?

Geoff: “What do I do, I tied my shoes so tight I can’t get them off.”

Jay.Greens: “Whatever happened to Blockbuster?”

Josh: N/A – Josh uses Bing.


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