Conro Shows off his Singing Skills (Sort of)

Conor Patton, better known as Conro joined us over at the Nexus Lounge to talk about his plans for Miami Music Week, his process for song-writing, his unicycling, skiing and singing skills..

The Canadian DJ and producer recently released his first EP Connecting the Dots, a follow-up to his earlier releases ‘Take Me There’ and ‘Me.’ The Monstercat DJ-producer has a super busy schedule ahead with numerous live performances and music releases in the works for 2018.

We wanted to know what has been the biggest struggle in his career so far:

“I think, the struggle is real in every artist. Everyone faces their own things, whether it’s their management or the people you work with. For me, it’s finding new ways to be creative. Sometimes you get stuck in a little loop of making the same thing. Where I’m at right now, I’m really happy. I’ve got a huge catalogue of music that’s fresh and not technically under any genre of music. I’m really happy. The biggest struggle is finding new ways to be new, and finding new ways to be creative.”

Speaking of creativity, Conro also shares that being surrounded by nature is what sparks his creativity:

“I think a lot of is like just finding places, like I do a lot of writing my guitar but I like taking the guitar and I live in a really cool place in Canada, it’s very scenic, so I’ve done hikes and walks and go find myself out on the beach and just playing my guitar and scratching down ideas or lyrics. I think it’s a really great way to stay creative and it gets out of the electronic vibes which I then I and apply in the studio.”

Conor also spoke about his future plans to work some rappers, and his desire to perform with live instruments. Listen to the full interview below↓

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