Conro: New Single “Remember You,” Collaborating with Disero.

Canadian music producer, composer and DJ, Conro has been on a momentous sprint of hit singles in the past few years. One of his biggest tracks “Trippin” from the “All Eyes On Me” E.P., has elevated Conro’s status not only as a producer but also as a vocalist, breaking the top 10 on the Billboard Dance chart.

Conro is on a successful run now, but he struggled to find solid ground in the music business at first. “I took a lot of sacrifices in the beginning. I lived in trailers, I lived in barns and I wasn’t making money. I was washing cars, [delivering] pizza, every kind of job that’s out there,” he recalled when discussing his biggest challenges.

While Conro’s music is always on point, his quirkiness is yet another reason to love this super-talented guy.

Conro, whose real name is Conor Patton, sat down with Dayanna Ramirez at the Nexus Lounge during Miami Music Week 2019 to talk about his “synth-tastic” new single “Remember You,” and much more. This is Take5 with Conro.

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