Costax Dances Through Amsterdam’s Rhythmic Tapestry

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In a vibrant rendezvous at the Nexus Lounge during the HeyDude Pop-Up Interview Space, Costax, immersed in the dance music industry’s pulse at the Amsterdam Dance Event, joined DJ Davis to illuminate fans on their musical journey.

The conversation flowed seamlessly from their recent song release and upcoming shows to the sheer excitement of the Amsterdam Dance Event. Notably, Costax unveiled a captivating rebrand, introducing the world to Scurry Records, a label inspired by ancient Greek mythology, adding a mythic touch to their artistic identity.


Amidst tales of twins, live shows with a Roman twist, and unexpected power cuts during Halloween parties, Costax painted a vivid picture of their experiences in Rome and London. The artist also shared insights into their new EP, “Follow Me,” delving into the mythological inspirations that breathe life into their music.

For an immersive dive into the dynamic world of Costax, fans are urged to savor the full interview—a kaleidoscope of music, mythology, and a touch of morning cappuccino dreams.

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