Country Club Martini Crew To Release Hailey Whitters Remix

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During this year’s ADE, Country Club Martini Crew joined us at the Audionamix popup studio at the Nexus Lounge, Amsterdam.
Country Club Martini Crew is the stage name of an up-and-coming Brazilian producer and remix aficionado Lucas Fantinel. After kickstarting his musical interests with the piano aged 4, he began remixing at the inspiringly young age of 13. This early dedication to the art of remixing paid off, with him soon after officially commissioning remixes for high-profile artists such as Katy Perry and Demi Lovato.
Country Club Martini Crew
We spoke with Lucas Fantinel and gathered his thoughts on sampling, his songwriting process, and his upcoming projects.
Lucas’ thoughts on sampling mimic those of the greats of the previous generation’s electronic music artists:

“I mean, I like those that rather than straight-up sampling, I know it’s a cliche answer, but like the way Daft Punk does it. There’s not a straight-up sample, but it picks up all [the] different parts and creates an entirely new work from something or multiple tracks. Or like, say, Fat Boy Slim. So I think ‘Praise You], that’s like genius sampling for me.”

He also added that when it comes to sampling: “If it sounds good, it’s good.”
He also gave us some insights into how he builds a track from the ground up, opting for beginning with different elements of a way each time. “I pick a point to start, whether it’s a vocal idea, a bassline, some chords, or a melody,” he says. “And then it just goes from there…I never really start from the same place.”
As an exciting sneak peeks for what’s to come in Country Club Martini Crew’s career, Lucas announced an upcoming remix with the iconic country singer Hailey Whitters. “It was exciting to do because it’s such a crossover project,” he explains. “The original is a country hit; it’s doing millions of streams on platforms, and it’s just turned into a dance record. So I’m excited for people to hear it.”
Moving on to the quickfire Take-5 question series, Lucas agrees that music is suitable for mental health, alongside re-entering the world post-COVID. “I mean, just trying to stay grounded [is good for mental health], you know? Take one day at a time, especially; it’s been hard for everyone”, he says. “Life is returning to what it used to be; at least some of it… just take one day at a time.”
He also notes that he’s still a troublemaker; his first MP3 was TATU’s All The Things She Said, and he simply describes electronic music as “uplifting.”
To watch our full interview with Country Club Martini Crew at the Nexus Lounge, click the link below:

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