Curbi #ADE 2017 : Interview

Discovered at the young age of 15, redefined the sounds of bass and future house and unleashed a string of massive club jams. Tracks like “Discharge,” “Rubber,” and “Hoohah” capture a special joy and energetic exuberance that is uniquely his.

Listening to his music, it comes as no surprise that loves rollercoasters and searches for them as he tours. His favorite is the Stealth at Thorpe Park in England, and says that one of his upcoming collaborations with musical brother Hasse would be the perfect soundtrack. “Lose Your Mind” is the first taste of his forthcoming with Hasse, and three more tracks will be released in 2018.

When asked about where the is going, said that it “is getting heavier but in no real one way direction.”  I make “the music that I like and if the fans like it, that is amazing.”  His music musical vision parallels his musical idol, Skrillex.   We will just wait here, eating Haribos, and try not to lose our minds as we become nutty geezers anxiously awaiting his new music.

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