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For as long as it’s been around, EDM has been pushing the boundaries of how technology and music can interact, and who would know that better than the artists making that music? So at this year’s ADE, we took the chance to sit down with Kryder at the Bowers and Wilkins pop-up space to get to know a little bit more about him and learn about his exciting new venture into the world of blockchain gaming.
If you’re an EDM fan and you’ve not heard of Kryder then you must be living under a rock! In the last few years, he’s been a one-man EDM army, dominating the industry with hits on every label you can imagine. We’re talking Spinnin’ Records, Armada, and Tiësto’s legendary Musical Freedom. In many ways, it would be easier to name the labels he hasn’t been on!
At the end of the day, he’s found his fair share of success in the traditional music world. Still, now he’s stepping outside of that space for an innovative new project that could represent a new avenue of artistic expression for musicians.

“So, we’re curating an in-game radio show for blockchain computer games... It’s another way for artists to earn money streaming their music.

Teaming up with the folks at Ripple, Stringer, and Armada music, they’re releasing a track a week in-game with a full release the following week.

“It’s cool, and it’s kind of fantastic because I love being creative. I love coming up with new records and just throwing them out there and seeing what works, you know?”

What could the combination of blockchain gaming and music mean for the future of both industries? Blockchain is still in its early days, but many artists are excited about how the new technology could impact the future of media consumption across the board. The natural beauty of Kryder’s approach is that it perfectly encapsulates the idea of taking something from the physical world and incorporating it into a more immersive digital environment.
As fans of Kryder’s work, we can only wait and see what will come of these exciting developments. For now, though, Kryder made it clear that he was taking the time to enjoy the experience of being back at ADE after the time away, taking a particular delight in being back together with the fantastic community that is dance music.
To learn more about Kryder, his time at ADE, and his unique approach to surviving a zombie apocalypse, check out the full, exclusive Nexus Radio Interview.

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