Cynthia Lacle On Producing Music In A Male Dominated Genre

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Joining us at the Hey Dude popup studio in the Nexus Lounge, Amsterdam, we spoke with Cynthia Lacle about her experiences as one of the only female big-room techno artists working in the industry, her time at ADE, and her production goals going forward.

Cynthia Lacle had always been passionate about music, but after winning the 2017 Dutch DJ Championship, she knew it was time to focus on her work. As such, she spent hours developing her unique approach to Bigroom House, focusing on incorporating more techno elements into the genre.

Cynthia Lacle

Lacle was the first woman ever to win the Championship, and she’s continued to be something of a pioneer ever since, noting that she’s one of the few women working in the big room techno space right now. Not that that’s ever stopped her from making incredible music or winning more competitions. She represented the Netherlands in Mumbai’s 2019 ‘Queen of Mashup’ championships, where she came in as second runner-up.

Suffice it to say, Lacle commits to hard work that’s taken her a long way, and it’s anyone’s guess where she’ll go next.

“At this point, I’m releasing a lot of music, I’m exploring a lot, I’m working a lot, and there’s a lot of new music coming. Check it out.”

If you’re looking to explore Lacle’s sound, then you couldn’t do much better than her latest single “The Devils Garden”. Dark and bombastic, the track takes her signature style to a whole new level, throwing an almost hypnotic sound into the mix. It’s massive and surreal in all the best ways.

Right now, Lacle is going through a productivity boom as she’s been releasing music monthly for the better part of 2023. She’s released on several labels, including Play and DENAR, and says she’s currently talking to a lot of people from new labels, considering where she might go next.

And with any luck, Lacle’s recent productivity is just beginning. While this wasn’t her first Amsterdam Dance Event, she noted that this was the first year she’d focus on making connections, building a team, and “really looking to go to the next step.”

If you’d like to learn more about Cynthia Lacle, her worst on-stage experience, the weirdest food she’s ever tried, and the artist whose hair she’d most like to steal, then why not check out the full, exclusive Nexus Radio interview?

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