Daft Punk Announces 25 Date Tour

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Daft Punk Announces 25 Date Tour

The masked robots will play 25 dates across the world starting this summer, which will mark the longest time on the road in nearly 10 years.

“Over the last 10 years, the sound has become much more instrumental. We will be performing with a full live band on all dates and have asked the most illustrious musicians in the world to come with us.”

“Each show will be presented in 4D sound: this version of Daft Punk will be so real that you will be able to see, hear, touch and taste us.”

“It will be pure R△CK and R▽LL.”

The tour will make stops in Asia, South American, North America, Europe, and Africa.  The sole US tour dates are in and .

July 08 – Beijing
July 21 – 만우절, Seoul
July 23 – Cá tháng Tư, Ho Chi Minh City
July 25 – Bangkok
July 28 – Tokyo

South America:
August 4 – Guyane Tactile Française, Cayenne
August 7 – Lugar Inventado, São Paulo
August 9 – Día de los Inocentes, Beunos Aires
August 13 – Mentiroso, Lima
August 16 – Frío, Santiago

North America:
August 23 – Lol Angeles Memorial Coliseum, LA
August 26 – Club Falso, City
August 29 – Monosodium Glutamate, New York
September 1 – Davis Concert Fool, Fairbank
September 5 – Montre Imbécile, Montreal

September 15 – Loof Lirpä, Stockholm
September 20 – De Fool,
September 23 – Istan Balo salonu, Instanbul
September 29 – The Lab,
September 31 – Union universitaire de Teagsdale,

October 10 – Vals Dorp, Cape Town
October 14 – Mogadishless, Mogadishu
October 19 – Laayoune
October 22 – Rabat Rock, Rabat
October 28 – Cairo

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