♫ From Fifth Harmony Co-Writer to Singer : DallasK ♫

Dallas Koehlke or DallasK joins us at the Big Joe® Lounge for Miami Music Week/Winter Music Conference/Nexus Radio Lounge 2018.

Dallas who is better is known for his collaborations with Hardwell and Tiesto in the EDM world, has also written a string of hits for pop-acts like Fifth Harmony and The Chainsmokers.

We wanted to know what prompted the switch from writer to singer, here is what he said:

“It was actually pretty random. I never grew up singing and I was never really a singer but my publishers asked me to perform at an event they had, it’s kind of like a writer’s event where you perform one of your songs acoustically. And they were like ‘you could play guitar with somebody else, or you could accompany somebody else and you could talk about the songs.’ And I’m not great at guitar and I’m still learning as a singer but I figured I had to mitigate risk and also to challenge myself the most, [ I decided ] I was just going to do it all myself. So I performed a song that I wrote called Work from Home that I wrote with Fifth Harmony and a Justin Bieber cover and it was received really well.”


DallasK’s singles All My Life and Self Control are currently impacting Dance Radio. To learn more about Dallas including which songs he would listen to on repeat for the rest of his life, and his proudest moment, click on the interview below↓

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