Damaui Mixes Summery House Vibes with Jazzy Grooves.


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MMW 2019 366

It is quite refreshing to meet a Dutch who is not from Amsterdam or Breda.  Hailing from Rotterdam, Damaui channels a summer house vibe.  Hence his name, which means “from Maui.” On the spectrum between deep house and chill, he aspires one day to work with Tru House.

In addition to admiring for “doing his own thing,” also looks up to body engineers Tavi Castro and Steve Cook.   He likes training and working out a lot and gets motivated by the big personalities.

Though you can’t peg as a house producer, he also produces urban music. He started off playing guitar and got into Rock   but also likes all kind of music ranging from techno to classical music.  He loves jazz a lot and “can’t get enough of it because [his] father loves it a lot” too. “I grew up with a jazzy,” he says of his father. 

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