Dance is a Rave-olution: ADE Drops Thrilling Short Film Ahead of 2022 Festival

The Amsterdam Dance Event, an initiative of Buma, is one of the biggest festivals of all dance genres in one place. In the birthplace of electronic music, ADE combines teachings, feelings, ideas, and, of course, tons of fantastic music in a variety of settings at all hours of the day. In celebration of the return of this magnificent annual gathering, organizers unveiled “Dance is a Rave-olution,” a short film encapsulating all of the emotions that only electronic music can evoke.
The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is a massive electronic music festival and conference that dominates the Dutch capital every October. The festival features everything from intimate cellar club nights to stadium events, showcasing all genres and sub-genres of electronic music on the live music scene. The conference side is similarly diverse, with expert panel discussions, lectures, industry events, tech displays, and other activities to keep the event thriving in all aspects.
The ADE of 2021 exceeded expectations, widely regarded as one of the most significant in the organization’s history. It marked its 25th anniversary in the aftermath of the #UnmuteUs protests, which drew tens of thousands to the streets of Amsterdam to oppose the Dutch government’s ban on music festivals in the region. As a result, the ADE team collaborated with the Amsterdam municipality, club owners, and festival organizers to make it possible for the city’s electronic music culture to host daytime festivals. It was not quite what we had hoped for, but it did leave an impact.
In celebration of the return of the iconic Amsterdam Dance Event this 2022, organizers have released a new mini-documentary inspired by the spirit of the music that powers the festival. Titled “Dance Is a Rave-olution,” the 14-minute video fleshed out footage from the 2021 edition of the music conference, as well as its countless parties. It portrays the beauty of club culture and the meaningful connections and lasting memories it fosters through a blend of show snippets and voice-over storytelling.
Directed by Anna Bogomolova, “Dance is a Rave-olution” captures how music affects our body and how we dance as a form of expression. It shows an ecstasy-induced madness when listening to a specific track. Highlighting freedom of expression, Honey Dijon, Octo Octa, Hyperaktivist, Colin Benders, Luke Slater, and other artists starred in the short film. The short also features sets from Avalon Emerson, Dave Clarke, and Speedy J and a range of activities focused on South Korea. “Dance is a Rave-olution” is now available to stream for free via the ADE’s YouTube channel and official Facebook page.
The story continues during the next edition of the Amsterdam Music Event, which will take place from October 19 to 23, 2022, with the lineup revelation soon to be announced. “Words can’t express how grateful we are that we finally connected with one another once again on the dance floor during our long-awaited return to Amsterdam last October,” reads a Facebook post shared by ADE organizers. “We can’t wait to come back this year in full force to turn the entire city black and yellow again.” Pre-register for this year’s ADE Pro Pass and take advantage of the early bird rate before ticket sales go live.
Over the course of five days, visitors can attend different events and panels, including live music performances, DJ sets, and specialized conference programming. In total, the Amsterdam Dance Event welcomes over 400,000 artists, professionals, and music lovers to the city to take part in over 1,000 events in over 200 locations. Make sure you don’t pass up the opportunity to have the best time of your life!

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