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Dannic #ADE 2017 #Interview

is a producer’s producer and a DJ’s DJ, yet he is also a lover of great vocalists.  The original singer of the classic “Toca’s Miracle,” Susan, is a fan of his music and asked if he could make a demo.  It worked out to be a perfect collaboration with Fedde le Grand and after three days in the studio, Susan was blown away.  “That’s why we call it Coco’s Miracle because it is her winning song and we were really happy we could do it.”  It’s “always a big risk to take on a big song like that, everyone knows Toca’s Miracle.” 

The instrumental track for Dannic’s smash “Alive” was done for nearly two years.  He already had 20 demos  before we heard Mahkenna.  “I was really blown away – it’s insane how much passion and power that goes out from her voice.”  Dannic didn’t realize that she was just 16, she is “just amazingly talented.”

The party for Fonk Recording, Dannic’s record label, was sold out. “It was crazy and insane, we had to stop people going in.”  The party had a really good feeling, which makes sense when you listen to the songs that Dannic releases on Fonk.  The music “has to be groovy, it can go from tech house to big room, as long as there is soul to it.”   The songs are between big room EDM and future house, “club music that is energetic enough to play for with groove and sexiness.”

Dannic is always a great interview and we spoke about everything from working with his idol and his modeling career to sneaker suits and his love of yellow M&Ms.  

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