Dante Klein #ADE 2017

Dutch DJ prodigy has been enjoying a lot of time in Los Angeles.  He wrote “Coke & Hennessy” there and dreamed of getting Bone Thugs on the record.  They are “L.A. Legends and were so happy to do the track.”  He got the lines in one week and rebuilt the bridge around it.  Dante’s upcoming release “Contagious” features another LA celebrity, Jagger Lee (son of and Pamela Anderson).

is part of Spinnin Next, a special group of young on the label.   There are “so many people with so much talent and we work together and help each other.”  We can look forward to Dante’s collabs with and Dastic that came about because of the new platform.

One thing you may not know about Dante is that he is a total foodie.  He loves to cook Italian and Thai food and researches restaurants everywhere he tours.  Aside from a bout with “food poisoning in South Korea,” he always finds good spots around the world.

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