Dark Intensity is ‘not that crazy bonkers’

Producer and DJ Dark Intensity sat down with us in the BPM Supreme-Nexus Radio lounge where he dropped some of the best quotes of the day.

When asked about his artist rider, he wants a bottle of vodka and a bottle of gin because  “I’m not that crazy bonkers,” though you can find that in his music. Like in his remix of Vassy’s “Concrete Heart,” which performed so well on the radio charts that Vassy asked him to produce her upcoming single, “Trouble” 

Dark Intensity’s current single “Touch the Stars” is an emotional trance anthem about the singer Ilos’ heartbreaking recent breakup, and the result is cathartic release that we can all relate to.

People watching is Dark Intensity’s favorite way to humor himself. Whether that is on the street or on the dancefloor, “life is such a joke… in a good way.”  Those are words that we can all live by.

This is Take5 with Dark Intensity!

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