The DJ, best known for his hit “Sandstorm” will release three tracks – one each on February 8th, 15th and 22nd to determine which one will become his Eurovision entry.

Eurovision is an international song competition held in the European Union. Each participating country submits a original song to be performed live, then votes are casts to determine the winner. Around 50 countries participate.

Darude, who’s real name is Ville Virtanen has been choose to represent produce the three tracks with vocalist Sebastian Rejman. The final track will become Finland’s entry.

According to the Metro, the DJ – real name Ville Virtanen – said: “This is a huge challenge for me in many ways. When I was asked to represent Finland I felt a bit scared at first, but there was no way I could say no to my country!

“It is an honour to be part of this incredible experience and I only have positive expectations!”