DEARI Unleashes Sonic Mastery: A Dive into House Music

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In the vibrant world of electronic dance music, artists who can craft a distinctive and exhilarating sonic experience are a rare breed. Among the select few who not only meet but exceed this criterion is the exceptionally talented DEARI from Southport. Recently, DEARI graced the Nexus Lounge at the G-Shock Pop-Up Studio for a revealing audio interview that provided fans with an intimate glimpse into his musical journey.

Navigating the challenges of the pandemic, DEARI found solace and inspiration in the recording studio, embarking on a personal odyssey of musical discovery. Influenced by luminaries such as Calvin Harris, The Chainsmokers, Jonas Blue, D.O.D, Sonny Fodera, Low Steppa, Josh Butler, and Joel Corry, DEARI harbors a deep fondness for vocal-driven House music. His admiration extends to the iconic Toolroom Records by Mark Knight and the legendary Defected Records, further shaping his musical ethos.


In the interview, DEARI delves into the intricacies of production, emphasizing his commitment to infusing a unique interpretation into the art of crafting a compelling groove. The culmination of his efforts results in music that goes beyond the ephemeral tracks often found on House charts. DEARI’s tracks stand as a testament to the skills honed behind the decks—fluid, dynamic, and versatile, providing a nexus where thrills and beats converge seamlessly.

DEARI’s ability to orchestrate hands-in-the-air moments is nothing short of captivating, leaving dance floors with a renewed sense of how to revel in the nightlife. His music becomes an antidote to a life momentarily halted, now poised to surge forward with resounding applause.


As fans eagerly await DEARI’s next sonic expedition, the Nexus Lounge interview offers a rare opportunity to peek behind the curtain and witness the artist’s creative process. From his influences to the nuances of production, the interview unfolds like a sonic tapestry, weaving together the threads of DEARI’s musical essence.

In the spirit of musical exploration, DEARI beckons listeners to join him on a journey where the best in House Music thrives. His tunes promise not just an auditory experience but an immersive adventure that will leave audiences yearning for more.

DEARI’s audio interview at the Nexus Lounge is a must-listen for anyone passionate about the pulsating rhythms of electronic dance music. Dive into the sonic world crafted by this maestro, and let the beats transport you to a realm where music reigns supreme. Click here to listen to the full interview and embark on a musical odyssey with DEARI.

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