Debby Holiday and Tony Moran Recreate 80s Hit "I Like You"


Debby Holiday and Tony Moran Recreate 80s Hit "I Like You"


Celebrating the 30-year anniversary of one of Phyllis Nelson’s most notable records, Debby Holiday has teamed with Grammy-­nominated producer and remixer  Tony Moran to recreate  I Like You. The song was  a #1 hit on the Billboard Dance Chart in 1985.

“Phyllis was a pioneer of house,” says Moran about the singer who passed away from breast cancer in 1998 at the age of 47.  Nelson is also remembered for her hit song, “Move Closer”, a song that reached #1 on the UK singles chart in1985.   “Debby and I wanted to  honor her with are make of her best selling American track.”  Debby Holiday and Tony Moran’s I Like You is available now on Beatport and will be on all major online retailers in December.

“My favorite line in the song is “Hey you, over there, everybody, every where…  I   like you”, explains singer Holiday from her home in Los Angeles. “I love the idea of saying, ‘hey, I like you’ to strangers, to friends, to  people in our everyday lives. I think we   forget to say it and show it.

“So,  hey, I am going to say  it now,” she continues. “Thank you for this interview and  giving me an outlet to reach people. I like you!”

Debby Holiday broke into the dance scene in 2004 with her Billboard charting smash,   “Dive”.  It was followed  by the powerball ad “Half A Mile Away”, and then two Tony Moran collaborations, “Piece of My Love” and “Surrender Me”.  All were Billboard Top 20 Hits.

“I Like You” is Holiday’s third collaboration with TonyMoran. It was Moran’s idea to honor Phyllis Nelson with a newly recorded version of her classic song.

“Phyllis’ ‘I Like You‘ was a huge record when  I was just entering the music industry,” remembers Tony   Moran.  “It was one of the tracks I drew inspiration from when co-­‐creating ‘Show Me’ for The Cover Girls.

“When I realized the song  was nearing  its thirty‐ year anniversary, I knew I had to re‐record it   for today’s dance floor. Debby immediately came to mind because she’s one of the few dance artists with the same rawness, that true musical grit, that Phyllis had back in the day.”

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