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Deepend: I’m living my dream

Dutch DJ and Falco Van Den Aker otherwise known as Deepend stopped in for a brief at the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam during ADE . The “Could Be Love” song and recent father describes the progression of his relationship with Spinnin’ Records, one of the leading dance labels in the world.

“I’ve been working for a few years with the guys but now this year we decided we’re going to work together for a longer period. And yeah, it’s amazing to work with Spinnin’ there. They’re such a big label in the dance music [scene]”


Falco confessed to being unable to make full-on productions during travel like and other DJs, saying he prefers to take advantage of his downtime between shows to lay down the groundwork for new tracks.

“I have to be in the studio normally, like to really experiment. Normally I can start like a few ideas and an airplane. But I need this kind of rest around me, like no pressure…to really experiment.


Falco at times sounds more like a scientist working in a lab than a producer, but with his background in civil engineering, it all makes perfect sense.

“I’m living my dream. I’m super happy with my little family and making every day for a living. It feels like I never work a day. I’m able to travel to all these amazing places around the world, meet people from all over the world, experience different culture. I actually graduated as an engineer, civil engineering, not music engineering. I was really into like building bridges, roads, big urban development. I worked for like one and a half years at an engineering firm but decided to quit my job and go [into music].”


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