Dipha Barus Talks Balinese Influence on Upcoming EP “Humankind”

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Indonesian DJ, composer, and producer Dipha Barus joined us at the Bowers and Wilkins pop-up studio at the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam. He sat down and chatted about experiencing the Amsterdam Dance Event for the first time, took part in our Take-5 series, and talked about the release of his upcoming EP “Humankind.”
Fresh from a session at Martin Garrix’s studio in Amsterdam, Indonesian DJ, composer, and producer Dipha Barus are one of the archipelago’s most celebrated and sought-after musicians. While initially finding lots of success in producing Pop-sounding songs, Dipha has recently shifted towards showcasing house influences in his music. He does this while consistently implementing traditional Indonesian elements in the tracks he releases through his label, Ultra Music.
Visiting Amsterdam and attending ADE for the first time, Dipha tells us that he’s most looking forward to discovering the city’s iconic club and underground scene and attending ADE’s conference panels.
The producer also shares our plans to release his upcoming EP Humankind, which he promises will continue to deliver the upbeat and inspiring house music mixed with traditional Balinese elements his audience has come to know and love him for.
When asked what he hopes fans will hear when they play one of his tracks—recent releases including “Keep It Hush” with vocalists Afgan and Esther Geraldine, and “Flower” featuring American singer Jackie Castro—he tells us that his focus is always on delivering clear mid-frequencies and strong melodies, both of which are found in abundance throughout his stellar releases over the past few years.
During our Nexus Take-5 series, Dipha reveals his secret to maintaining a positive mental headspace:

“I always do meditation three times a day, yoga and Kundalini…When I do meditation and go straight to the studio, my creativity is flowing like crazy.”

He also dives into the first record he ever purchased or downloaded, the Avalanches’ “Frontier Psychiatrist” from their debut album Since I Left You. This Australian group’s appreciation for and influence is no surprise given the country’s proximity to Dipha’s native Indonesia, a mere five-hour plane ride away.
Getting into some lighter questions, we ask the DJ who he thinks would win in a fight between Batman and Superman, to which he replies: “Batman, for sure. He’s richer.” And when it comes to choosing between European and American McDonalds, Dipha unflinchingly chooses the former, joking: “I just love how the European do their food.”
To learn more about Dipha, his genre-bending music, and his secret to finding the best pommes-frites in Amsterdam, check out our full, exclusive interview below.

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