DJ-duo Disco Fries Is Booked, Busy, & Giving Back

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DJ-duo Disco Fries joined us for a virtual interview in the SoundID Reference pop-up studio at the Nexus Lounge Miami. They took part in our Take-5 interview series. They shared their go-to Miami restaurant, their process for overcoming creative fatigue, and the immense payoff of their ongoing Twitch series, Finish My Track.

Nick Ditri and Danny Boselovic met at the Berklee College of Music as independent record label owners and trombone players. After striking up a friendship and discovering each other’s unique history and passion for music, they formed what we now know as Disco Fries, the prominent Dance DJ-duo. They started rather humbly by posting remixes of popular songs online. They have a Billboard #1 song to their name, a roster of impressive performances, and endorsements from some of the biggest names in EDM, including Tiesto, Steve Aoki, Kaskade, and Diplo.
Disco Fries

Out now, through Spinnin’ Records label, is a Disco Fries original titled “Dopamine” with vocals by PollyAnna. They describe this track as having a sound reminiscent of early deadmau5 and Kaskade, a classic dance music sound that works just as well today as it first emerged.

Aside from making their music, they’ve also been lending their ear and expertise to up-and-coming artists through their Twitch streams, where they’ve been hosting a series called “Finish My Track.” There, they showcase music from their audience, giving critiques to help the artist finish the track they’re working on and, possibly, more importantly, provide a platform for talent that could have otherwise remained unknown.

"[We learned very quickly that] there are many more talented people in the world than us. Some of the people posting music on [Finish My Track] are incredible, and it's just a matter of having a platform. It's not even a matter of giving feedback because a lot of the stuff comes in ready to go."

On Twitch, they’ve created a real community with people they may not have otherwise met, and they’ve even signed some of the artists from their series onto their label, Liftoff Recordings. If these artists are lucky, they’ll soon have the opportunity to hear their music played on the radio or sung back to them in a live venue—an experience Disco Fries says is unlike any other for an artist.

In our full interview, they gave their favorite Cuban restaurant, “Puerto Sagua” a shoutout, saying they go there for dinner nearly every night when in Miami. Plus, they shared the most heartwarming compliment they’ve received throughout their career and their fool-proof trick for dealing with creative fatigue.

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