DJ EM Electrifies Nexus Lounge with a Symphony of Self-Expression

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Amidst the pulsating beats of the Nexus Lounge in Amsterdam, DJ EM took center stage during an enthralling audio interview at the Lee Jeans Pop-Up Interview Space. Hosted by James Bowers, the conversation delved into the intersection of music and artistic expression, offering a glimpse into the DJ’s motivation for self-expression and recognition on the international stage.

DJ EM passionately shared insights into his music projects, emphasizing a profound love for electronic dance music. The interview became a canvas for the artist’s creative process, unraveling the threads that weave his sonic tapestry. From beats that reverberate with energy to the nuanced layers of his compositions, DJ EM illuminated the essence of his musical journey.


For fans yearning to dive into the heartbeat of DJ EM’s artistry, the full interview is a must-listen. It’s a sonic adventure, a celebration of self-expression, and an intimate look into the passion that fuels the DJ’s memorable performances. Tune in and let the beats guide you through the corridors of DJ EM’s musical universe.

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