Coachella isn’t without its fair share of stage trespassers; so when suspected ne’er-do-wells storm onto the place where they ought not to be, it is but fair for the suspects to be moved out. But this incident could have left the organizers red-faced, had it not been for the quick-action from the bodyguards.

Australian DJ Flume has revealed his manager attempted to get Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid kicked out of his recent Coachella gig. Speaking to Smallzy the 24-year-old explained the two popular stars were dancing ‘full on’ in an off-limits area during his set.

“I was playing at Coachella week two and my manager was watching the show from the lighting desk out in the crowd and these two girls came up and started dancing in front of him, like really full on. And he was like ‘god damit it I need to get these girls out of here,’ so he went to ask them to moved away from the sound booth and realised it was Taylor Swift and her friend that Gigi Hadid girl”.

The musician went on to explain that the pair’s nearby body guards refused to remove them from the area after being asked.

‘Their security guard went up to him and goes “you’re not kicking them out”. “It was all pretty funny,” Flume admitted.

The sound booth houses hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment and just one wrong step could’ve interfered with DJ Flume’s entire set.