DJ Knappy’s 3 Most Important Things In Life

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Knappy joined us for a Take-5 interview in the Sennheiser pop-up studio at the Nexus Lounge Miami. He spoke about his experience at Miami Week, an event where he’s been an attendee for the past 10-15 years, and shared his perspective on the “three most important things in life.”

Knappyhead Lovebones, otherwise known as Knappy, got his musical start at the Peabody Institute of the John Hopkins University, where he studied “classical percussion, composition, and electrical engineering” (according to the Resident Advisor website). With many titles to his name; DJ, producer, turntablist, writer, he is perhaps best described as an all-around entertainer with a penchant for music, known to infuse all of his projects with infectious energy.

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One of his most notable current projects, Engine #9, is a drum and turntable remix show of which he is one of two members. You can find them playing in across the Eastern seaboard. Alternatively, you can access Knappy’s on Mixcloud, where he uploads remixes in a series titled ‘KNAPPY Electric Session 230’.

He says he’s been attending Miami Week for 10-15 years and finds the atmosphere inspiring. In our full interview, he ruminated on the difference between hearing as a rote part of everyday life and hearing new intentionally in an environment (like Miami Music Week) that is specifically designed for it. He stated:

"We hear [new] every week, every day… we hear all the time. [But] sometimes it's about being in the environment, seeing the other artists performing their music, and getting inspired."

However, this year at the week-long event, what he’s most excited about is the opportunity to catch up with colleagues and friends after an almost three-year separation due to the ongoing pandemic. If all has gone well, Knappy will have left this year’s celebration of feeling inspired, reconnected, and touched by music—which he says is one of the three most essential things in life, among color and spice.

Additionally, our Take-5 questions led to a riveting discussion about skydiving, despite an all-too-common fear of heights and the impulse to turn down opportunities despite being perfect for them due to an all-too-common feeling of unworthiness. Finally, we discussed the funniest wifi router the DJ has ever seen on a lighter note. Tune in to the interview for more details.

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