DJ Nurotic: From Chicago Roots to Global Beats

In a recent audio interview at the Nexus Lounge, DJ Nurotic, a celebrated artist with a journey that spans from backyard BBQs in Chicago to global recognition, shared his inspiring story and musical evolution. Hosted by DJ Davis, this engaging conversation delved into DJ Nurotic’s experiences, passions, and future aspirations.

DJ Nurotic kicked off the interview by discussing his latest arrival from Orlando, marking an escape from the chilly winds of Chicago. With over a decade of involvement in Miami Music Week, he reflected on how these experiences have shaped his career.

"Miami Music Week is like a second home," he said. "It’s where I’ve connected with so many talented artists and fans who share my love for music."

Growing up in Chicago, DJ Nurotic’s musical journey was heavily influenced by the city’s rich musical heritage. He reminisced about his favorite local pizza spots, a staple of Chicago culture, and how the city’s vibrant music scene molded his early career.

"Chicago is where it all began for me," he stated. "From playing at local parties to joining the Mix Team at 103.5 Kiss FM, it’s been an incredible ride."

One of the highlights of the interview was DJ Nurotic’s explanation of his unique name and his diverse musical styles. Known for his eclectic mixes, he shared how his daily moods and the city’s energy inspire his music.

"I love experimenting with different genres, from juke music to EDM," he explained. "It keeps things fresh and exciting for me and my audience."

DJ Nurotic also touched upon his collaborations with various artists, including his work on mixtapes and singles. He spoke passionately about his mixtape series, #HourOfDopeness, where he has collaborated with notable names like Diplo, Dillon Francis, and R3hab. “Collaborating with other artists is one of the best parts of my job,” he mentioned. “It pushes me to innovate and create music that resonates with a wider audience.”

Beyond music, DJ Nurotic shared his love for wrestling and his role as a father of two daughters. Balancing his professional and personal life, he emphasized the importance of staying true to his roots while continuing to evolve as an artist. “Being a dad is my greatest achievement,” he said proudly. “It’s all about inspiring the next generation, both in my family and in the music industry.”

DJ Nurotic

As the interview concluded, DJ Nurotic discussed his latest music projects, including throwbacks and top 40 EDM mixes. He encouraged fans to follow him on social media to stay updated with his latest releases and upcoming performances. “There’s so much more to come,” he promised. “I’m just getting started.”

For fans eager to dive deeper into DJ Nurotic’s journey and hear his thoughts firsthand, the full interview is a must-listen. Don’t miss out on the chance to get an intimate glimpse into the life and mind of this dynamic artist. Tune in now!

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