DJ Nurotic Likes to Go With The Flow – A Nexus Radio Interview

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At this year’s Miami Music Week, one-of-a-kind artist DJ Nurotic joined us at the BPM Supreme Popup Studio in the Nexus Radio lounge to talk all about music, Malort, and the delights of being back in Miami with the rest of the EDM world.

Ever since he started playing music, DJ Nurotic has blended genres in ways you’ve never heard before. We’re talking Latin meets hip-hop meets House, all in one package.

DJ Nurotic
“I’m influenced a lot by people like Dylan Frances,” says DJ Nurotic, “because he’s multiple genres… I like that he does different styles, not just one.”

It’s an influence that’s present throughout his work, from classic club style tracks like “(Feel The) Pressure” to more charged and energetic beats like “Juke Y Perrea”.

If there’s a real commonality to his songs, it’s how they each bring something new to the table. Of course, that’s not to say DJ Nurotic is following a script. Quite the contrary because he’s one of the most improvisational DJs performing today in many ways. When he gets up to play a set, he says he has no plan about what he’s going to do. He knows he’ll play a few of his songs, but what he’ll do with them and how he’ll get between them is entirely up for grabs. Perhaps this sense of freeform improvisation lends his music the sense of fluidity his fans love so much.

But for DJ Nurotic, this seems to be more than just a musical approach. When asked, for example, how he approaches an event like Miami Music Week, he said:

“I feel like I’m more of a go with the flow type of person. So I have a start point, and as soon as I get there, it’s whatever happens next. I feel like if you come to Miami with a plan, you’re only going to hold yourself back from doing things.”

Of course, his listeners will undoubtedly be eager to find out what’s in the pipeline, and there’s lots of good news on that front. He’s just released two tracks on Armada – “#DatAss“, and those as mentioned earlier “(Feel The) Pressure” – and he says he’s been working on a lot more Juke music lately but did not elaborate on what kind of a project that might lead into.

 For now, it looks like he’s playing his sets and getting ready for the summer.

To learn more about DJ Neurotic, the styles and genres that inspired him, and his spontaneous approach to music, then be sure to check out the full, exclusive Nexus Radio Interview.

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