DJ/Producer Carnage Is Celebrating GORDO SZN

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GORDO, the artist previously known as Carnage, joined us in the BPM Supreme pop-up studio in the Nexus Lounge Miami. He took part in our Take-5 interview series, talked about his newest projects, and shared how his philosophy of “winging it” on stage led to one of the only regrets he’s had in his music career thus far.


The versatile Guatemalan-American DJ and producer, Carnage (also known as GORDO) has been a mainstay on the charts for both hip-hop and dance music since 2012. He shot to fame after self-releasing his own single ‘Teke Teke’ and amassed a string of high-profile collaborators and performances within only a few years. A few names on the list are the late Mac Miller, G-Eazy, Rick Ross, Steve Aoki, Coachella, Tomorrowland, and Lollapalooza, respectively.

GORDO’s primary focus is GORDO SZN, his rebirth onto the music scene after seemingly (albeit perhaps, playfully) renouncing Carnage’s previous stage name. This new era for the artist is complete with three successive singles, a string of shows (including a recent 10-hour show in Brooklyn), and a set at Miami Music Week 2022.
You might think that a lot of preparation goes into the sets of such an accomplished artist, but for GORDO, performing well seems to come quite naturally… at least, most of the time. When asked about his philosophy for approaching a show, he stated:

"I don't prepare my sets at all. For the last ten years, I've just winged it all. I regret some, too; I winged my Coachella set years ago… It was awesome, but I wish it would've been tighter. That was one of my only regrets."

Some of the other things frequenting his mind as of late are his health, his six-pack, and a bucket list item to cross off—visiting South Beach during Miami Music Week. Check out our full interview with the established star to hear more of GORDO’s Take-5 answers, including his quippy answer to the question “why is music important?”.
And finally, in the man’s words, ITS GORDO SZN!

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