Dutch Artist and Label Owner Joris Voorn Finds Balance Between Life and Music

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We had the pleasure of hosting the Dutch DJ, Joris Voorn, in the Hey Dude pop-up studio at Nexus Lounge Amsterdam. During our conversation, he shared insights into managing the balance between life and music. He offered a glimpse into his role as a label owner before taking charge of the Amsterdam Dance Event 2023 decks!

Hailing from Rotterdam, Netherlands, Joris Voorn is a renowned record producer and DJ. He grew up in a musical household and developed a deep connection with music from a young age. His interest in electronic music blossomed in the mid-’90s, leading him to embark on his DJ journey in 1997.

Joris Voorn

Joris Voorn achieved global recognition with his breakthrough ‘Muted Trax EP’ on Keynote in 2002, swiftly followed by the widely praised ‘Lost Memories EP’ on Sino the following year. The sequel, ‘Lost Memories Part 2,’ released in 2004, featured the standout track ‘Incident,’ quickly establishing itself as a staple in the sets of influential now-peers like Carl Cox, Derrick May, and Laurent Garnier.

In 2005, Joris Voorn established ‘Green,’ the first of two labels he co-manages with his longtime collaborator Edwin Oosterwal. This platform has been instrumental in the release of Joris’ two albums. The second label, ‘Rejected,’ serves as an avenue for more straightforward house tracks explicitly designed for the dancefloor, exemplified by his contributions to the ‘Dusty House’ series of EPs. These two labels embody the diverse range within the underground music ‘Spectrum’ that Joris passionately advocates for.

When asked about his sentiments regarding his labels, Joris answered, "It's really good because releasing music yourself and other people's music means you connect with other artists." However, this also entails the challenging task of deciding which music will make it onto his labels. "It is a little bit of a luxury position as well. I'm very happy that we have the chance to sign many great records. But sometimes we have to say no to records that might be good enough for me to play, but someone else can release it."

Having been born in Amsterdam, the city has consistently held a prominent role in Joris Voorn’s touring diary, particularly during events like ADE. Despite residing there, he struggles to balance his career and family. “I’m gone quite a lot on weekends and for a week in South America and stuff like that. I tried to really pace myself and not overdo it. I also take one free weekend every month. That’s something that keeps me a bit sane.”

Beyond Amsterdam, Joris Voorn is a consistent presence at major clubs and festivals across the global underground circuit. In fact, he’s set to perform an all-night set at the renowned Fabric London on December 9, spanning approximately seven or eight hours, from 11 or 12 in the evening until about seven in the morning. In addition to his live performances, you can already listen to Joris’ latest single, “You and I,” which serves as the initial release from his upcoming album, with more singles expected to follow.

To learn more about Joris Voorn, including three people he would love to have dinner with, listen to our full interview below!

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