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The Netherlands’ JLV (a.k.a. Joel) joined us for a quick chat at the CAF pop-up sound studio at the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam. He teased us about an upcoming collaboration with Felix Samuel, told us about the track that made him fall in love with music and played a quick game of Nexus Take 5.

A creative powerhouse dominating the deep house scene with unmatched passion, JLV has become a sought-after artist with over 125 million streams. Early in his career, his collaboration streak with Selected generated hits, and his remix of Stisema’s “Hold On” soared to over 4 million streams, capturing public attention.


Singles like “Back to You,” “Darkness,” “Look Away,” and “Soaring” have since solidified his presence with millions of online streams. At the same time, collaborations with Blonde, Throttle, and Armin van Buuren resulted in unforgettable remixes. In 2018, JLV signed with HEXAGON and released “Something Good,” earning him praise from legends like Tiësto, Oliver Heldens, NERVO, and EDX. JLV’s latest release, “Dollar” with Justin J. Moore, builds on his early career hits while taking his sound in an exciting new direction.

We sat down with JLV to talk all things music and especially to hear about his experience at ADE. On the latter, the artist said, “What always gets me excited is seeing the people that I work with that come from abroad, fans, but also artists that I know that are from other countries that I might not see that much.”

It’s always interesting to hear what music influences our favorite artist, so we asked JLV whether any track made him fall in love with music. He told us one that came to mind was Ben Bohmer’s remix of Monolink’s Father Ocean.

With his new single “Dollar” released, JLV is now set on releasing an upcoming track with Felix Samuels. While he wouldn’t share the title yet, he told us he’d be playing it live for some lucky fans over the next few weeks.

Before heading out, we play a quick game of our Nexus Take 5 series with JLV. He told us that one of his most memorable moments was a 360 COVID-era show with Don Diablo and that he’d ask everyone in the world, “What gives you purpose in life?”

To hear more from JLV about his ADE experience and upcoming music, check out the complete and exclusive interview below.

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